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Licenses and Permits

Belize Business Licenses and Permits

Arguelles & Company has vast experience having procured all types of required licenses to conduct any general or specific activity in Belize. Please contact us for more information (Capital & Application fees, requirements and probability of success) on any of the following:

Business Licenses

  • Trade License
  • General Sales Tax Registration
  • Business Tax Registration
  • Central Bank Permit for Foreign Ownership of a Belize Company

Specific Activity Licenses**

  • Formation/Management of International Business Companies (IBC's)
  • Trust & Trustee Services
  • International Asset Protection & Management
  • Money Transmission
  • Payment Processing
  • Foreign Exchange Trading
  • Financial & Commodity-based Derivative Instruments & other securities
  • (Futures, Options, ForEx, Stock Contracts for Differences)
  • Money Brokering
  • Money Lending
  • Money Exchange
  • Safe Custody Services
  • Accounting Services

Money Lender's Licenses

Mining Licenses under the Mines and Minerals legislation of Belize

** Must be routed through an Attorney or licensed financial provider.
For further information on these services please do not hesitate to contact us.