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International Business Companies & Trusts

Belize International Business Company (IBC)


These are companies that are set up to take advantage of Belize's reputation as a well regulated and international financial structuring center. They can do business only with non-residents of Belize but can have an office (only) in Belize and access Belize Offshore banks to open and maintain USD, Euro, Canadian and Sterling accounts. Retirees who fall under the QRP Programme also can qualify for this benefit while residing in Belize. IBC's are 100% tax free in Belize and subject to favorable reporting and filing requirements. Meetings can be held worldwide and there are no exchange permissions required, or currency conversion requirements. We do not offer advice on US tax structures or avoidance schemes. We would be happy to refer you to US Counsel who are qualified to do so and our offshore licensee is registered as "FACTA Compliant". We do not offer or condone the evasion of any US Tax.


Belize Trusts have no gestation period (usually 2 years) as Trusts in other countries. They are valid and effective from date of incorporation provided there is no duress, fraud or mistake and have been judicially interpreted to withstand claims of creditors, spouses and foreign tax agencies/governments. More information on this aspect including select cases can be obtained through further contact.

Trusts are used as an additional level of ownership for real estate, Chapter 250 and IBC's, International Intellectual Property structuring and can be set up to ensure a smooth transition (i.e avoiding Probate costs and delays) upon death. The office of "Protector" is also recognized under the Belize Trust Act. The Settlor can appoint anyone of trust (or appropriate qualification) or his choosing to act in this capacity to supervise and monitor the trustee and duration of the Trust. Both IBC and Trust registries offer maximum confidentiality to the inner workings, structures and parties concerned.

Members of the firm are also members of prominent local and International organizations such as:


Belize Bar Association
English Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners (STEP Miami Branch)
International Tax Planning Association (ITPA)
The Belize International Financial Services Association (BIFSA)
International Bar Association
New York State Bar Association

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