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Qualified Retiree Program

Belize Retirement Program

The Government of Belize operates a program called the Qualified Retiree Program. Applicants (over 45) from the US, UK, Canada, Europe and Commonwealth Countries (and their spouses/dependents) meeting the minimal requirements are allowed to retire in Belize and import all of their household effects free of duties. Among other benefits, they are also allowed to import one vehicle, boat or aircraft duty free. They are considered “Non-Resident” as far as Belize International Banking is concerned and as such, these individuals can benefit from retiring in Belize (with no taxes on foreign income) at minimal cost while retaining their “foreign” status and operate hassle free tax free USD or Euro accounts as non-residents. This program extends to Belizeans living abroad. Continuous residency in Belize is not mandatory. For further information on these services please do not hesitate to contact us.