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Arguelles & Company
401 Coney Drive
Belize City, Belize
GPS: 17.30’33” , 88.12’17”

Tel: 501-223-0088
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Please send us your comments and questions, but if we do not already represent you, your e-mail and our reply will not create an attorney-client relationship. We will use your contact information solely to communicate with you and will not distribute it for use by any third party. We do not store nor will we sell or dispose of your personal details at anytime. We do not purport to be qualified to give or represent in any way to advise upon the law of any country other than Belize and will not engage in activity or structures designed to avoid or evade taxes of any other state or engage in any aggressive tax regimes even if technically legal and possible.


    “…congratulations …on your very skillful and judicious, perhaps even judicial, handling of the proceedings during debate…” referring to role as Speaker during House Debate March 2011.
    Dean Barrow
    Prime Minister
    “I find that …Emil Arguelles, who even Mr. Welch Esq. in his written submission (for the other side) describes as a reputable person, and his testimony under cross examination…to be impressive and convincing….I found him a truthful and sincere witness…and am persuaded by the clarity of his witness statement and his answers under cross examination…”
    Honourable Abdulai Conteh
    Chief Justice
    “Arguelles & Company has performed quality legal work in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost”
    Gregory A. Hickman
    Senior Corporate Counsel-Franchise-Finance Wendy’s International, Inc.
    “…unruffled under pressure…”
    Belize T.V. News Program
    News 7