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chambers and partnersArguelles & Company LLC has established itself as one of the top specialist Belize Law Firms. We pride ourselves on professional, confidential, and long-lasting relationships with our clients and the community.
The firm specializes in select areas of law listed above and has the support staff and contacts to expedite and facilitate client transactions. As the working relationship is long term and mutual, the firm prides itself on securing a few good clients rather than accepting bulk request resulting in loss of personal contact and efficiency. Please contact us for a rate quote depending on the type of work and complexity as the firm is bound by certain Belize Bar regulations. Read more about us...
  • Experience Reflects Excellence - specialized staff and expertise in major aspects of Belize Law.
  • Local Contacts - productive working relationships with all departments of government.
  • International Experience & Immediate Results – use of technology to meet the demand of international standards.
  • Enduring Partnerships - we understand the client’s long term needs and protection.
  • Rigid Regulatory Regime – we are bound by the high standards of the following organizations:

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Your source for expert and professional assistance with regard to Belize law.

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